Traveling during the Coronavirus pandemic has definitely become a huge hassle.

Along with the normal worries that traveling can bring, now we have to worry about the health concerns that go along with the pandemic. Things just got a lot more complicated for Michiganders who are hoping to travel to one of the three states that are requiring quarantine time.

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If you are planning any trips to New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut from Michigan, listen up. You will have to register online with the state health department, and quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

This is causing a pretty big uproar with business travelers that are unable to conduct their business online. Aside from the business person traveling, this creates a huge roadblock for anyone hoping to go to any of these destinations.

I had hoped to take my family to Niagara Falls this fall, but that is definitely off the agenda now. Most of us only get 5 consecutive days of vacation anyway, so imagine having to take a three week vacation to account for the quarantine time! That would eat up every vacation day I have just to spend a few days in NY.

So why is Michigan on the quarantine list? Michigan has been steadily rising in new confirmed Covid-19 cases. New York has been especially aggressive in keeping the pandemic under control. There are many states with higher numbers than NY, that are welcoming anyone, with no required quarantine.

Michigan is far from the only state on the travel restriction list. You can see the other  30+ locations that are listed by the State of New York here.

This obviously isn't a profitable decision for NY, but it is the responsible decision. Instead of complaining, I'm saluting them for making the smart health decision over the dumb money decision.


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