Donald Trump and Gretchen Whitmer have a history of going at each other, so when Trump said Detroit was like "Living In Hell" we knew it was on.

Trump was on FOX News when he started to talk about conditions in a few cities across the country. Trump started with Detroit, then went on to point out Chicago, Oakland, and Baltimore. During the interview he pointed out the recent violence in the cities and followed it up with the living in hell statement.

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We all knew that Governor Whitmer would not let something that idiotic slide by unchecked. She responded to Trumps comments on Twitter, and even managed to put a positive spin on it.

I won't get into what an idiot I think Trump is for making statements like this, because I feel like anyone with an ounce of common sense already knows that.

I will focus on how happy I was to see Gov Whitmer spin this into a positive thing. She could have easily taken a justified shot at Trump. She is smart enough to know that jabbing back only leads to more negativity from Trump. Instead she gave everyone a chance to talk about what they loved most about the D.

So I'm going to follow the example set by Gov Whitmer and add to the list of loves for Detroit. This weekend we took our kids the Tony Hawk designed skatepark in Detroit. It's located right on the river walk and is just another hidden gem in Detroit. Our family had a great time spending the day on the river walk, and never once did I think it reminded me of hell at all.


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