Two men from Chicago were busted using counterfeit money in Northern Michigan after purchasing boxes of chocolate.

Traverse City Police busted the men just outside of the Family Fare store on Eighth Street in Traverse City after the men used a fake $100 bill to pay for two boxes of chocolate. The police state the duo were busted after employees realized the two bills had the same exact serial number.

Surveillance footage showed the two men entering the separately and then leaving and getting into a gray Nissan.

Police found the men inside the car parked at a hotel off of Airport Road and both were arrested. Grand Traverse County Sheriff's deputies found what they call a 'substantial amount of fake $100 bills inside the car. Both were arrested and taken to the Grand Traverse County Jail.

Police say there could be more counterfeit bills in Traverse City. If you find any money that looks fake please call the police immediately.





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