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Imagine putting your sibling rivalries aside long enough to win $1.4 million. That's exactly what two sisters from West Michigan did last night on NBC's game show 'The Wall."

Karen Smoots and Lori Whitmyer are founding members of, a non-profit which provides gloves and outdoor gear for school children in West Michigan. So far, the organization has been able to provide gloves and mittens for about 1,000 children in need.

'The Wall' is essentially Plinko on steroids. (You remember 'Plinko' from 'The Price is Righ' don't you?) Contestants answer questions and drop colored balls down The Wall in an attempt to rack up a large sum of money. Incorrect answers are subtracted from the contestants' bank.

In the video below, you'll see the dramatic moment when Whitmyer gives her sister the news that they've just won $1.4 million.


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