The University of Michigan Flint is stepping into the Flint water issue by offering a free course to the public to educate them about the problem.

The initiative comes from the Department of Public Health and Health Sciences on the Flint campus.  According to their website,

The course start this month and will feature panel discussions with leaders and experts in the Flint water crisis. There will be at least eight sessions on select Wednesdays and Thursdays during the semester.

The class will start Jan. 21st and the first topic will be: How did Flint get to this point? It will be followed by discussions about the source of Flint's water, health consequences and the politics of water.

The class is also available to students for free, and will give them one credit.

Yesterday, Governor Rick Snyder declared the Flint water situation a state of emergency, which opens the doors for federal relief dollars.

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