The longest UAW strike in decades looks like it is coming to an end after a tentative agreement has bee announced between the UAW and General Motors.

The picket lines have been moving for 31 days now, and despite the announcement of an agreement, they probably won't end right away. The UAW and GM both announced that a tentative agreement has been reached today, but picketers will most likely be on the line until an official vote is held.

The UAW and GM are not giving out any specific details, but according to ABC12, the UAW has gained "major wins" for their members.

So don't be surprised when you drive by one of the many GM plants in town that there are still strikers on the picket line.

I hope that the official vote happens sooner than later, and the workers can get back to doing the job they want to do. This has been a strain on our entire community in every sense of the word. Financially, mentally, and even physically.

I think when the strike started, none of us on the outside thought that it would ever last this long. Now everyone is just praying that the agreement is solid, and everyone can get back to work.

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