A man by the name of Jacques Brown was caught by authorities when he was using Facebook Messenger to give away free samples of heroin. How dumb can you be?


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Being a drug dealer can be a tough business decision. Long hours, questionable customers, no medical or dental, so it's a hard profession to break into. But a Flint man by the name of Jacques Brown had the brilliant idea of using Facebook messenger to send out free samples of heroin!

Obviously the police got wind of this and all it took was a quick meet and greet and now he's looking at some serious jail time. You do realize that the police can use Facebook too right?


From Mlive.com


FLINT, MI -- A man who is accused of using Facebook to market and sell heroin and fentanyl faces a federal drug charge.

Jacques Brown used Facebook messenger to a talk with a confidential source and has been charged with distribution of controlled substances, according to a criminal complaint unsealed in Flint U.S. District Court on March 9.

A confidential source started messaging with Brown on Facebook in December, the criminal complaint said. The messages led law enforcement to believe that Brown was marketing heroin and providing free samples of the drug, the complaint said.

The confidential source set up a meeting to obtain a free sample of heroin at a party store at Lippincott Boulevard and Dort Highway, according to the complaint.

Authorities say Brown got into the confidential source's vehicle and gave him a baggy of a brown chunky substance and told the source to be careful because the drug would "numb" him.

Investigators said in a recorded conversation the Brown could be heard telling the confidential source "not to do it all" and that he "might wanna do some, do some, yeah, you can do it all, just be careful man," the criminal complaint said.

After the confidential source received the drugs it was tested by police and found to contain heroin and fentanyl, court documents said.

Brown was later identified by federal agents through his Facebook profile, the criminal complaint said.

He was scheduled to appear for a detention hearing before U.S. Federal Magistrate Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, according to court records.

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