This up-close look at the war on terror is gripping.

NBC News has acquired footage of last week's raid in Iraq which led to the rescue of several hostages being held by ISIS. One American commando was killed.

According to the video description:

The U.S. Delta Force and Kurdish forces raid an ISIS held compound in Iraq. In the raid 70 hostages were rescued and one American solider, Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler, was killed. The raid was ordered after intelligence indicated an imminent mass execution of the prisoners.

The video came from a Jordanian news organization and features footage that came from helmet cameras. Teams of American and Kurdish forces had received a tip that the hostages would be killed and managed to raid the location shortly before sunrise.

Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler, from Oklahoma, died in the fight, making him the first U.S. casualty in the fight against ISIS. The video does not include anything that may have led to Wheeler's death.

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