It looks like Wale and J. Cole are back in the studio. Recently, the DMV artist used an Instagram story to tease a new track he and his good friend are concocting, in a teaser that will definitely excite both of their fanbases.

"Workin on new vibes with Cole," reads the text overlaid onto footage of Cole kicking back and gazing at what's quite possibly a computer monitor. In the next bit, we see Wale sitting on a couch as he stares into the camera lens.

The track we hear in the video features an understated instrumental and what sounds like Wale doing a hook. It's hard to make out all of what he says, but the phrase "Holler at me: gets repeated a few times before the clip fades out.

If you've been keeping score of Cole and Wale's friendship, you know that Cole criticized the MMG rapper in his song "False Prophets" last year. Wale responded with a song called "Groundhog Day," where he addresses his relationship and career in relation to Cole's.

While some rap fans expected the two to be beefing, they attended an NC State basketball game together a short time later. And now they're in the studio again. Safe to say they're cool.

Check out video of Wale's session with Cole below. Peep screenshots of his original Instagram story beneath that.

@Wale via Instagram
@Wale via Instagram

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