Flint is flooded with musical talent, and Club 93.7's '8-1-Show' is the perfect place to check out the sounds of Flint and surrounding areas.

Each week we show love to artists in Flint, and all of Michigan that are working to get their music heard. The music from this weekends show (1/13/18) is listed below, along with links to information about the artists. You can hear the '8-1-Show' every Sunday at 7pm, and multiple times throughout the weekend.

If you would like to submit music for the '8-1-Show' just email a radio friendly mp3 to clay@club937.com.

KYDD - Walk On You

Jeff Skigh ft David Aaron - Good Vibes

Pasha - Hennything

Stevan Malone - Summer

Stevan Malone (aka Anthony Stoner) dropped a new track called 'Summer' that was featured this week. The song isnt online as of yet, but you can check out some of his other songs on his Soundcloud here.

Vulfpeck ft Antuan Stanley - Birds of A Feather, We Rock Together

Ace Gabanna ft Twicee - Dreams

Rashad Reed - She Got It

PHZD - Nght Cap

Toni Valli ft Blac Youngsta - ReUp

12 Dead Roses - In My Head

Greg Joslin ft Jakafella, Shemy, and Lehemiah - Foot Steps

Vice Carter - Back In The Middle

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