The Joe Louis Arena holds special memories for a lot of people, and John Cena decided to share his during the last show at The Joe.

WWE Live was the final show that would bless The Joe, and John Cena took a few minutes to talk about how special it was after he won.

I had my very first pay-per-view match in this building right here. I just wanna say what an honor and a privilege it is, 15 years after that pay-per-view match, to be able to stand on hallowed ground and tell you all thank you so very much. My point tonight is that it’s about the Joe Louis Arena. It’s about the WWE Universe standing in the Joe Louis Arena for one final time. It’s about the spirit of the city of Detroit. I know we will see you at the new place, shaking it down, just like we do every single night in here.

I'm not a big wrestling guy personally, but I love that they took time out to recognize something that meant a lot to the fans in the building.

Most professional sports make it only about the athletes, and forget that it's the fans, and the cities that they live in that matter.

The WWE even used their IG page to showcase a few wrestlers talking about what The Joe meant to them.

Some of them didn't go so well.

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