A West Michigan school is once again in the spotlight for creating a unique lesson about chain reactions and helping people who are less fortunate in the community.

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It was actually a couple of months ago when students at Watervliet South Elementary School collected more than 1,000 boxes of cereal to donate to local food pantries and churches. Watervliet is about 40 west of Kalamazoo on Michigan's west side.

On Kelly Clarkson's Radar

The event didn't garner a great deal of media attention at the time, but a recent segment on Kelly Clarkson's nationally-syndicated television show brought some much-needed publicity to the school's act of generosity.

"So often on this show we talk about the chain reaction of kindness," the talk show host said. "And that's exactly what two Michigan teachers want to prove to their elementary students."

Clarkson spoke with Krystal and Angela, the teachers behind the project. The pair says the school was able to gather 711 boxes of cereal last year and that they were pleasantly surprised when students brought in 1,094 boxes this year.

Lessons Learned

The pair say setting up the cereal boxes like dominoes only took about 40 minutes because the entire staff pitched in.

They note that although it's fun to watch the boxes fall one after another, the activity serves as a fun way to teach the students about chain reactions, cause and effect, and sequencing.

The project also demonstrates to students that one act of kindness can lead to another.

Check out video of the event and the teachers' appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show in the second video below.

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