Facebook is more popular than ice cream right now, so it makes sense that every kid in America wants to be on.

So you're basically guaranteed an argument about when your kid is ready to have a Facebook profile, and where better to get parenting advice than from the general public?

Here are the results of a survey on the minimum age for kids to get their own Facebook pages from Sodahead.

5% say seven to nine years old.

13% say 10 to 12.

34% say age 13.  That was the most popular answer, and it's currently Facebook's minimum age for joining.

29% say 14 to 17 years old.

19% say kids should NOT have pages at all, they should have to wait until they're 18.

Even though Facebook's minimum age is 13, kids can just lie, and a lot of them do.  In a survey last November, 55% of parents said their 12 year olds are on Facebook, and 19% said their 10-year-olds are.

So what's a good age for your child to start social networking?

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