After getting over 15,000 views on Facebook, a video of a clown on the side of the road has people in Northern Michigan freaking out, but the video wasn't even taped in Michigan.

The internet is a strange place. Literally anything and everything is posted, and although most people can look at a video and within a couple seconds tell if it is real or fake, some people take everything on the internet as 100% real.

That's exactly what happened in the case of a video that is going viral of a clown standing on the side of road in what the description claims is in Kalkaska, MI. In the video you can see the clown posted on the side of the road. That's it. No real description other than the snapchat text that says "That's a f***ing clown from the woods".

Since its been posted its been viewed over 15,000 times, has over 500 shares, and has all of Northern Michigan freaking out over clowns.

Here's how I know its fake...

1. The video was originally recorded on September 7th in North Carolina. The video has since been downloaded and re-uploaded by another Facebook user claiming the footage was filmed in Northern Michigan. This is just not true.

2. Even if the video was recorded in Northern Michigan, how did the person recording already know there was a clown on the side of the road and decided to film? Its because it was staged. Sure, he could of saw the clown, turned around, recorded, and posted it on Facebook, but my next reason why I know its fake will make sense. There are no clowns waiting in the woods for people, this is a gimmick to get views and creep people out, and its working.

3. There is a second video posted of three guys attempting to catch a clown. Clearly it was filmed Blair Witch Style and done so terribly that anyone with half of a brain could realize its fake and debunk the whole "Clowns Are Taking Over Northern Michigan" theory. Check out the video and see for yourself how staged this is...

I get it, Halloween season is approaching and some people want to get a rise out of others and creep people out. Hell, some people have even been reporting clowns standing in construction zones and hanging out in weird places in the great north. Regardless the original video was not recorded in Kalkaska, MI.

Also with the multiple breaking and entering incidents in Northern Michigan maybe this isn't the best time to play games copycat other pranks.

Obviously this is a copy cat of whats happening in multiple states, but just be careful because a lot of people in Northern Michigan carry guns and aren't afraid to defend themselves.

UPDATE: The video has now been removed and/or the user who originally posted the video has set their content to private.