Christmas season is officially here, even though most people have been in the spirit since after Halloween.  I want to share one of my family Christmas traditions with you this year.

There really isn't another holiday that sparks the feeling of traditions like Christmas.  We all have at least one memory that lives inside of us from Christmas when we were kids.

When Ami and I started our family, we knew we wanted our kids to have those memories growing up as well, but we weren't sure what it would be.  We both had family traditions, but wanted to create something new for our kids, that could just be ours.  Like any new family though, we didn't have the money to travel every year, or anything extravagant like that.

We decided to brave the cold weather and check out Christmas at Crossroads Village, and we knew instantly that we found our new tradition.

Ami Church

The whole experience was just about as perfect as we could have hoped.

This isn't meant to be me telling you that you should take your family to Crossroads, because who knows what your family wants?

I just know that the feeling of walking under decorated trees, with no real agenda, talking about our Christmas lists was just what we needed.  Singing carols on the train, riding the Ferris Wheel, watching the Christmas play, seeing Santa, and everything else were exactly what we were looking for.

Ami Church

I know that this probably sounds about as cheesy as it gets, but these are the moments that we live for.

Soon there will be a time when our kids probably won't want to walk through the streets, holding hands with us.  They will probably even tell us that they don't want to go on the annual trip . . . (we'll force them to go btw lol).

I just hope that no matter what they say . . . inside they'll know how special this tradition is to our family, and they'll carry that into their own families.

The point of all of this is to encourage you to create a tradition with your family.  It doesn't matter how small, as long as it's important to you.  Family is built on the memories that last way beyond the fights and growing pains.