If you're looking for something to do this weekend, Crossroads Village has free admission for Genesee County Day.

Saturday, June 1st is Genesee County Day and that means residents get to enjoy Crossroads Village for free. The park opens up at 10am and the activities go till 2pm but the park will remain open until 5pm.

The Huckleberry Railroad and boat ride will be available for a combo tickets of $7. The rest of the park will be open including the carousel and ferris wheel.

My family usually goes during Christmas and Halloween every single year. A few years ago we went over fourth of July weekend and I was shocked by how different the vibe of the village is during the summer.

Something about walking through the streets in the warm weather just feels different. There are all sorts of different activities and shops that are open as well. This was also the first time we were able to ride the river boat.

I definitely recommend taking the family out tomorrow if you have the chance.

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