Katie Bouman may not be a household name yet, but it could soon be. Bouman is the person responsible for the algorithm that allowed scientists to take the first ever photo of a black hole. The photo was released on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

The 29-year-old is currently an assistant professor at the California Institute of Technology, but developed the algorithm back in 2016 while she was a graduate student at MIT, according to Michigan Daily. Prior to her time at MIT, Bouman earned her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2011.

While she had to keep it all a secret until the photo was finally revealed, she didn't keep the fact that she had figured out HOW to take the photo a secret. Back in 2016, Bouman gave a TED Talk titled "How to Take a Picture of a Black Hole."

Dr. Mark Schlissel, the President of the University of Michigan praised Bouman's work in a tweet Wednesday, thanking her for "helping us see a hole in the darkness."

Bouman also took to social media on Wednesday, posting a photo of her reaction when she first saw the picture of the black hole.

Later in the day, she posted a photo of her team, thanking them for their work and saying that "It has been truly an honor, and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you all."

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