I feel sorry for the woman who was scammed out of hundreds of dollars on Facebook. Please be aware of this new social media scam that promise you money if you give them any information. 

The woman's identity has not been revealed but she claims she was scammed out of $750 from someone on Facebook according to WNEM.

"That was my rent money. That was my grocery money. I have a little girl. She needed to eat," the woman said.

The Facebook page under the name of Trina Daniels solicits people who wants to make $3000 to $9000 in one hour to contact them.  The woman on the phone directed people to her "brother" and the scam was on.  The scam artist told the unidentified woman to load money on a prepaid Green Dot card and he will add money to the cards.

"He told me I was going to get $6,000 from loading $300 on both of the cards because he goes into the system and adds a zero."

As you can tell this woman did exactly what they asked and she was taken for a ride.  She handed over the prepaid card information to the guy and he took her money. The woman now knows she was taken for a ride by the Facebook scam artist and acknowledges she will not get her money back.

"I'm not hoping to get it back because it's not expected for me to get it back. I'm just hoping no one else falls for the same thing I fell for."

I think we should call this unidentified woman the idiot of the day.  Why would you think someone will help you turn $300 into $3000 in just a hour?  I really hope she has learned her lesson.  You should never play around with your rent and bill money.  Please, stay away from quick money opportunities, they're usually not real.  Oh not to forget, this all happened on a social media website.  Get it together people.