I admit that there have been moments in the past where I have fallen victim to an amazing, "free offer" that turned out to be anything but free.  That's why I am so skeptical about this free airline ticket and hotel offer that recently came in the mail.

Looks legit right?  I mean, it's not like some Ukrainian Prince is emailing me about a fortune that he has hidden, and all I have to do is send $1,000 and my Social Security number.

I also feel like it's a little more legitimate since it came in the actual mail.  I feel like spammers have gotten too lazy to mail anything anymore, so this could be for real.

Am I being gullible and naive here?  I mean, I'm a good guy . . . and maybe this is just Karma smiling down on me right?   RIGHT?!

While I decide if I'm going to call or not, why don't you watch this video of a Chinese baggage man who has ZERO f*cks to give about his job.  Then comment below with your opinion about this being a scam or not.