A Long Island Chuck E. Cheese was the scene of a brawl between several women who can be seen throwing punches with one hand and holding their babies in the other.

The whole thing started when one woman tried to snatch a purse out from underneath another womans foot.

The first punch was thrown by a woman who was STILL HOLDING HER BABY!  The scene ended up with half a dozen women involved in the fight.

The whole thing seemed surreal with dads just standing confused, kids crying and a recorded voice singing Happy Birthday.

I honestly thought the days of fighting at Chuck E. Cheese were over, and have never hesitated to take my own kids there.  I've never seen anything close to this while I've been there either.

I have to admit though . . . some people are so outraged that the men basically stood there and did nothing, but those men are smart.  If there is one rule that we all know, it's that you don't mess with a woman who is willing to swing on you while holding a baby.


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