Two women got into an argument at Walmart leading to an all out brawl, but the most shocking part is what happens when the six year old son of one of the women jumps in.

These videos just ooze every Walmart stereotype that has ever been invented.

The fact that one of the women is actually riding around on a motorized cart before deciding to fight is my favorite part.  They argue for a while and when they decide that words won't be enough, she jumps right up out of the cart!

I expected a preacher to jump out of nowhere and yell, "SWEET JESUS, THIS WOMAN HAS BEEN HEALED!"

The fight actually gets pretty nasty, and when the mother of the six year old boy has the upper hand, he joins into the mess.  Watch what happens when the people standing by, doing absolutely nothing, try to tell the kid not to get involved.

Everyone is freaking out that this kid is trash talking and hitting the other woman with shampoo bottles, but look at his damn mom!  What do you expect?!

My biggest shock is that this fight takes at least five minutes, and there isn't one sign of security, police or even a Walmart worker.  Another shocker is the fact that nobody steps in to break this fight up, even after it is clearly over.

I guess this may have just been a Black Friday training drill though.

It's hard to believe, but there are worse moms in Walmart . . . check out the proof below.


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