They can’t all be 8 Mile or Juice, New Jack City or Friday, Wild Style or Hustle & Flow.

As much as we want to root for any major motion picture starring one of our favorite MCs, we have to be honest and call a dud a dud.

Competing against actual professional actors for intriguing character roles and Grade-A scripts can be a tough slog. As a result, the list of B-movie projects trying to bank on a rap talent’s cache is a long one.

Whether getting typecast or reaching for exposure in a different medium in effort to diversify their careers, several capable rap stars have ended up attaching themselves to moments in cinematic history that are best left on the Blockbuster shelf.

Much respect to the Cardi B and Lizzo-starred Hustlers, which hit theaters last week and has been scoring acclaim from fans and critics alike. These 10 films, on the other hand, have received a rather universal thumbs down. —Luke Fox

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