Nasir Jones is one of the greatest rappers of all time. To many, Nas is the greatest rapper of all time. His career speaks for itself. He has multiple classics under his belt in different eras of hip-hop. His lyricism is unparalleled, with few people being able to paint the grim picture of the New York streets as he does. Nas' feud with Jay-Z is what a lot of people think of when they think of rap beef. And more often than not, rap fans choose Nasty Nas as the victor in that war of words.

Even through his legendary career, Nas has had his share of missteps. He's experimented with a more mainstream-friendly sound to mixed results. Some of his albums have a bit of filler and overstay their welcome. Even Nas' biggest fans will admit that he has trouble finding beats that match his lyrical capabilities.

Yet his lyricism has remained in even his less essential efforts. There are few rappers who remain as gifted as Escobar so far into their careers. Nas has gone from a young, insanely gifted spitter to a commercially viable rapper, from one of the New York hip-hop scene's mainstays to an elder statesman for the genre. Whether it's the teenage Nas on his debut on Main Source's "Live At the BBQ" or the contemplative, mature Nas on Life Is Good, the MC has always turned heads with his skills and remained relative even as hip-hop has changed.

The rapper turns 44 on Sept. 14, but with a catalog as deep as his, every day is a celebration. We delve back into the veteran rapper's discography to find out where his projects sit when stacked against one another. Here is Every Nas Album Ranked.


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