Airtime Trampoline Park in Novi is now home to a new fun attraction called XP Arena.

The new XP Arena is located inside of Airtime Trampoline Park and boasts new obstacles for guests. Inside the new attraction, you will find 11 new obstacles to be exact. There is a 21-foot high quarter pipe, an angled cargo climb, a ball hop, and more.

How does it work? It is simple. You have twenty minutes to work your what through and around the arena to collect points. Each player receives a special bracelet that will track the points the accumulate and display them at the end with all of the other scores. Up to 70 people can play in the arena at once. There are also different levels of points in the arena. Red sensors are worth the most at 250 points, while yellow is the lowest point value at 50 points.

I have actually been to Airtime in Novi several times for some birthday parties and I am excited to head back and check out the XP Arena. You can see more detail and find pricing here. 

Source: MLive

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