You probably learned in school that Michigan's high point is Mt Arvon (it's not anymore, surprisingly, as of late 2018, the new highest point in Michigan is the Tilden Mine Tailings Pile in Marquette County), but what is the state's lowest point?

If you're talking the low point made by nature, that would be Lake Erie. A point along the shoreline in southeast Michigan is at 571 feet above sea level. There is a man made point that's even lower. Ironically, it's less than two miles from the state's high-point at Tilden Mine in Marquette's mining country.

The low point in the state of Michigan is the Empire Pit at 301 feet. That distance of just over a mile between the states high and low point also represents an elevation change of 1716 feet if you went from the top of the Tilden Mine pile to the bottom of Empire Pit.

The Empire Mine closed in 2016.

A graphic comparing the high and low elevations as well as heights of other landmarks in the state was posted to Facebook by the Marquette County Planning Division.

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