A disturbing video shows two young girls (sisters) that were attempting to cross a street in Dearborn when all of a sudden they both got hit by a speeding car.

The sisters were holding hands on Sunday as they tried to make their way across Ross Street near Banner.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, after hitting the girls, the suspect got out of his car, moved them, then left.

This guy made no attempt whatsoever to call 911, call for help, or anything.

How Old are the Sisters?

The youngest of the two girls is only 5 years old, while the older girl is only 7.

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Did the Girls Get Injured After Being Hit?

Yes, both girls were injured. The 5-year-old suffered a broken leg and femur. The 7-year-old wasn't as badly injured but did suffer a minor concussion. Both are very sore but will be okay.

What Kind of Car Hit The Girls?

It was a white Grand Prix that has a temporary license tag in the upper left corner of the back window.

Fox 2 Detroit YouTube
Fox 2 Detroit YouTube

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 313-943-2240.

The video below is really disturbing. This guys was obviously driving way too fast for a residential area. In the video you can tell he was flying down that street.

It's so disgusting that he go out of his car, moved the girls out of his way, got back into his car, and just took off like no big deal. That man is nothing more than a coward.

I'm just glad those little girls are going to be okay.

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