The world is getting worst day by day with a California mom arrested after chaining up 10 year old son in her apartment courtyard.  She has to be mentally ill. 

Irma Jacobo Navarro, 37 years old, chained her ten year old son up in the courtyard while he was dressed in nothing but his underwear.  He was found crying and shackled around the ankles.  Police said that he was trying to make it to his friend's home to get some help.

The ten year old boy first told police that he was chained up as a joke but later revealed that his mother did this to him because she could not afford a babysitter.  Irma told police her son likes to leave home without permission and she was afraid he would join a local gang. Instead of allowing him to be free at home, she felt it was best to lock him up.

According to Gawker, Navarro was arrested for willful cruelty to a child and will probably be arraigned Monday. All three children were are in the custody of social services. Do you think Irma deserves the shameful crown of 'Horrible Mother of the Year?'  Leave your response in the comment section below.