HIV Vaccine Could Be Ready in 5 Years! [Video]
Canadian researchers have cleared a major hurdle in the ongoing fight against HIV and have develop the first possible Vaccine!
The first trial in the series of testing was to see if the vaccine would have any adverse side effects. When everything came back good, the scientist had the green light to s…
iPhone Case Now Serves as a Dangerous Pepper Spray Weapon
A iPhone case now serves as a dangerous pepper spray weapon. Before you think about attacking or robbing someone please check to see if they have a iPhone.  Now Apple iPhone users can protect themselves with pepper spray due to a new case.
Can a New Sports Bra Really Detect Breast Cancer?
Is possible for a bra to detect breast cancer?
Well, according to First Warning Systems, the answer is a resounding yes. The Reno, Nevada-based company says they have invented a sports bra that comes complete with built-in heat sensors that can allow doctors to see malignancies through a state-of-the…
WIll It Blend – iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 [Video]
The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 5 are indeed rivals but the question at hand is, will it blend?
Honestly I think this is the best usage you'll get out of either one of these phones. i hate when people get caught up in the draw of a new phone. While most of them won't be using 80% of the pho…
Do You Want a Facebook ‘Want’ Button?
Thanks to Facebook, we can now "like" just about anything on the internet. But what if you more than "like" something you see on the Web? What if you "want" it too?
Soon there may be a special button for that.
Can You Be Fired for What You Post on Facebook?
Most of us intuitively know that insulting your boss on Facebook is probably not the best idea, but what about other job-related opinions we have? More to the point, can you be fired for posting them?
A recent National Labor Relations Board hearing found that “overly broad” company policies regarding…
Can MySpace’s Hip Makeover Win You Back?
Remember back in 2005 when Myspace was cool? We blogged about our crush from middle school science class, took those "what would you do if..." surveys, and felt honored when we made it into someone's "top friends" box. Those were the days.

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