Print 3D Guns At Home [Video]
Cody R Wilson is a kid who figured out to print a lower AR-15 receiver from a 3D printer that anyone can own.  Which essentially means at any point in time you can order every thing you need to assemble a gun from the internet at home.
The New PS4 Looks Sick! [Video]
The people over at Sony are almost ready to drop the new PlayStation 4 and the other day they had a huge conference to show off the PS4's power.
If this is the direction of video games then sign me up! This looks almost too real! Part of me think that secretly Sony is stealing peoples souls and …
New Android Phone Starting Price at $9,600
You're eyes are not deceiving you, a new Android phone starting price is $9,600.  I have heard of expensive mobile phones but never at the price of nine grand.  I came across this phone and had to share the crazy price with you.
Why Is Facebook Losing So Many Users?
Facebook is still the King, Queen, Prince and probably the Duke of social media, but that's not stopping the growing trend of people leaving Facebook.  So the obvious question is why?
10 Smartphone Apps Everyone in Flint Should Have
Lately everyone has told me about this new app called Ruzzle which I still do not have but I do know the ten smartphone apps everyone in Flint should have.  Grab your mobile device and make sure you download these apps.
The Xi3 ‘Piston’ Is The Next Step in Computers! [Video]
The biggest thing to come out of CES is the alleged Value Steam box or for now the Xi3 Piston. CES is like a giant nerd orgy where big name manufactures come out and flex their muscles and show of new tech, and the 'Piston' has me so confused I can't even comprehend that it's a l…
Parents Informed About Daughter’s Death on Facebook
Parents were informed about their daughter's death on Facebook.  A female college student at Valdosta State University was found dead in the study area of her dorm after being dead for 12 hours.  Parents were not notified by the VSU before they found the news out on a friends Facebook…

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