Yesterday the largest fast food strike yet hit more than 58 cities across the country as workers demanded wages be raised to $15 per hour.

The majority of fast food jobs in America are part time, minimum wage jobs and workers say that it's impossible to earn a living with the jobs.  There are more issues than just pay on the table though.  Fast-food workers also want the option to form a union without retribution from their employer. The last largest protest involved 7 cities, so yesterdays protests show how much momentum the movement is gaining.

McDonalds has gone on record saying that if the pay were increased to $15 per hour, then the cost of an average meal could rise by sixty cents.

I don't think that anyone would argue that working a minimum wage, part time job will ever be a great way to support yourself. . .  but is it supposed to?

The fact is that not every job can pay great salary, and the lowest skilled jobs will be the lowest paying jobs.  Working fast food is not an easy job at all, but there are no special skills or schooling required for it.

I do think that minimum wage might be a little low for the workers, but my personal opinion is that $15 an hour is too high!

What do you think?