An armed man wearing body armor was taken into custody by FBI agents at Trillium Grand Blanc yesterday (7/30). Did they prevent another movie theater massacre or is this a case of authorities hassling a gun owner?

After what happened in Aurora, Colorado hearing about an armed assailant heading into a movie theater is enough to give anyone the chills -- even more so when it happens in your backyard.

ABC 12 is reporting that FBI agents arrested Cassidy Delavergne after he showed up at Trillium Theater in Grand Blanc wearing body armor and also had on his person a 9mm handgun, at least 34 rounds of ammunition and a fake CIA employee ID card. The FBI says there was also over 100 rounds of ammunition in the man's vehicle.

According to the the court records, Delavergne told the agents that he had a concealed weapons permit and didn't want to leave his gun unattended. He explained the fake CIA credentials as a way to ease peoples' concerns about him being armed in public.

Most of the conversation on the subject seems to a be a mix of people who think he was gearing up for a shootout and those who think he is a gun owner who maybe didn't use great judgement. What do you think?