Social media has gone too far when a Florida man confesses to killing his wife on Facebook and post the photo of her body online.  Please be advised, this story if bizarre.

Derek Medina, of Florida, allegedly killed his wife after being abused by her according to his status update.  After posting the update, Medina then posted the picture of his dead wife online. His wife was bent backwards falling on the cabinets covered in blood.

Police has Medina in custody and he's the lead suspect in the murder of Jennifer Alfonso.  Police arrived to the townhouse to find a 10 year old child unharmed.  Things seemed to be pleasant with the couple because they were seen dining just 24 hours before this bizarre crime.

I sincerely hate that the murder of someone happened but to post it on Facebook has taken things to another level for me.  I am equally upset that a 10 year old was in the house during this act.  I do not think any level of abuse will produce evil like this.  I pray to God that the kid receives help.

via Gawker