New details about the alleged beatdown that Kanye West gave to an 18 year old boy that verbally assaulted Kim Kardashian, reveal that he may have punched the kid 30 times.

An alleged eyewitness tells TMZ that Kanye rushed to the scene after the teen called Kardashian a "n----- lover" while waiting at a Beverly Hills chiropractor's office. Moments later, Ye entered the office and proceeded to beat up the teen. West "started slugging him in the face," stated the witness. The teen covered his face and eventually curled into a ball, while Kardashian and other people in the office watched.

The eyewitness goes on to say that the office receptionist was screaming, "Stop, stop," but Kanye allegedly ignored her. Eventually, the therapist pushed West off of the 18-year-old and then Kim and Kanye left the office.

If this is true, then it could spell some real legal trouble for Kanye.