I wish I was creative enough to make stories like this up but I can not.  It must be rough out here if we're stealing roses for our ex-girlfriend and getting caught on a live news broadcast.

A Polish news team was out reporting live at an apartment complex when the male ran out of the flower shop with a bouquet of flowers. In the clip you can see the man running out of the store and employees from the shop running out after him.  The employees quickly ran back into the shop and call the police.

The thief was apprehend due to his moments of shame on the live news broadcast.  When asked why he decided to steal the roses he said,

"I'd broken up with my girlfriend and I wanted to win her back with some flowers but I had no money," he is quoted as telling the police. "I didn't even see the film crew."

Here is a tip for anyone thinking about stealing, don't.  Stealing is never a good way to acquire anything and if you think I am lying, asked the idiot of the day who stole a bouquet of flowers.

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via Gawker