A mother was informed by the police of her son's death via Facebook.  After being dead for 20 days, the mother was informed by the police in her Facebook inbox.  Finding out your child has passed away is sad but it becomes worse when you have to find out on Facebook. SMH.

Anna Lamb Creasey went looking for her son Rickie Lamb by contacting hospitals and jails with no luck.  Anna took to Facebook to post messages on her son's Facebook page and receive a strange response.  Anna received a message from someone who was not connected to her or her son under the name of 'Misty Handcock.'

Message started showing up from her 'other' inbox where message are received from people you are not connected with.  Anna brushed them off as spam and continued searching for her son.  The message left a number for Anna to call but not until Valentine's Day did Anna's daughter call the number.

On the other end of the phone was a police officer informing her that Rickie had died on January 20th, 2013 and the cause of death was that Rickie was struck by a car while walking across the street.  The driver was not ticketed but Rickie lost his life.  Anna is furious with the police for using a unconventional way of informing her of son's death.

Should we expect this to happen in the future as people use social media for everything?