The glass ceiling in the NFL could be broken in the 2014 season that could debut the first full time female referee.  I am extremely shocked at the news but I am equally excited.

The upcoming NFL season should see the first full time female ref officiating the games.  Sarah Thomas is in position to make history in the NFL after breaking down barriers in the college arena by being the first full time female to officiate a NCAA game and bowl game.

Sarah will make her debut if one of the current full time refs steps down or retires their position for her.  This could possibly happen any day now but who knows.  She has already been approved through the entire process and has shown ready for the major obstacle of the game, game time speed, according to CBS Sports.

"The speed, yes, is there," Thomas said. "These are just phenomenal athletes on both sides of the ball. The game has a tendency to slow down the most snaps you get and repetition. So, hopefully, the more snaps I get, things will start slowing down a little bit."

Honestly, I think this is a great move for Sarah, the NFL, and fans of football anywhere.  Women have proven for a long time now able to perform just as good or better than men on several jobs.  I hope she doesn't experience any backlash from fans.

Do you believe women referees will do well in the NFL?  Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.