TV Anchor Responds To An Email Where She Is Called Obese [Video]
Jennifer Livingston, a TV news anchor, took a moment to reply to an email she received that criticized her for being overweight and setting bad example for kids watching.  The response has blown up on the Internet as a hero for the anti-bullying campaign drawing international attention.
Bully [Trailer]
In my book 'Bully' is probably one of the most important films of the year.  This movie jumps deep into the worldwide epidemic that's plaguing our youth, which is bullies.
This is a real problem and it happens everyday. We as parents need to address this problem head on and stop i…
Skinny Kid Snaps On Bully – NSFW [Video]
Sometimes enough is enough and this kid wasn't trying to get bullied by anyone.
This video is an example of what you should do when you feel like your getting bullied. Stand up to your bully, they all tend to be little girls. Also I like how the fat kid was crying towards the end!
10 Year Old Jasmine Commits Suicide Over Bullying [Video]
10 year old Jasmine commits suicide for what seemed to be from bullying. Bullying is  horrible and real and happens everyday.  When we fail to notice, tragic things happen.
I personally can connect to bullying because I was bullied growing up. Fortunate for me I got into boxing and the bullying stopp…