Rick Ross and Meek Mill Lyrics Gets 63 Gang Menbers Arrested [Photo]
Lately it seems like the 1 golden rule in Hip Hop it "Don't Snitch', and if you do, you can instantly lose your fan base.
In this case I don't think neither will lose their fan base, but I think people will start to look at them differently, and I do think they will be in a whole whirl wind of t…
Sh*t Gangsters Shouldn’t Say [Video,NSFW]
I don't know who started these videos but the guy that created this, is a genius. Me trying to become a gangster over night, this is very helpful because quite honsestly, the things that they tell you not to say, I would probably say.
‘Star Wars’ Unreleased Footage – ‘Gangsta C-3PO’ [Video]
'Star Wars' has seen more than it's share of updates thanks to the films creator, George Lucas.
Most of them have been released for the Blu-Ray special edition that just recently came out.
Most of them have been terrible, and have only taken away from the movies legacy (just ask any 'Star Wars' nerd).
Diaper Gangster Dances In The Street [Video]
There are many different types of gangsters in the world today, but this is the first time I've heard of the 'Diaper Gangster'.
I'm 93% sure that the 'Diaper Gangster' will be running the streets very soon, and will have the hood credibility he needs to take over.
While other gangsters are taking the …