A Bill To Ban Magazines That Holds Over 10 rounds [Video]
A bill by Diana DeGette a democrat from Colorado will be looking to ban magazines that hold over 10 rounds which would effect literally every modern handgun & rifle.
This new bill is being pushed hard so that they can take advantage of recent events, such as the Sandy Hook incident. Do you th…
Three-Year-Old Easily Opens Multiple Gun Safes [VIDEO]
Over 600 people are killed every year in America from accidentally being shot, a number which is way too high.  Most gun owners are responsible, law abiding citizens who think their guns are inaccessible when locked in a safe.  The truth is that a three year old could break into some of th…
B-Ray’s Must Have: Swiss Mini Gun
I thought I had found the world's smallest operating gun until i saw this Swiss Mini Gun and damn is it small! This little handgun is perfect for assassinating mice in your kitchen with it's mighty 2.34mm cartridge  it's a certified Must Have!
More Flint Residents Are Starting To Open Carry [Video]
According to ABC 12 many Flint residents are staring to open carry guns. With crime rising ever day in the city and fewer officers on the streets, locals are taking things into there own hands.
I also own a firearm, but have yet to open carry. Does this make you feel a little more safe?
B-Ray’s Must Have: Pocket Pistol
This .45 caliber Heizer pocket pistol is a ambidextrous design no bigger than your iPhone! Now I'm already aware that there are pistols already similar to the size of this one like the Ruger LCP, but that's only in.380 caliber, this is .45. This little power house is a certified Must Have!
Sacrifice …
Husband Tests Bullet Proof Glass With His Wife [Video]
How crazy is this video? Shot in the early thirties, a man with a rifle tests an early version of bullet proof glass by having his wife hold the glass to her face while he shoots at her. Ladies, the question is...would you hold up bullet proof glass for your man to shoot at?
Check out the video bel…
Tech Assassin: New iPad vs Assault Rifle [Video]
A gun-toting Apple fan wanted to test the durability of the new iPad… so he shot it with a bunch of high powered rifles. Obviously, the iPad didn't make it.
Then he brought out the big guns. He fired a round from a high powered M4 which blasted a big hole through the middle of the iPad&…
Man Accidentally Shoots The Hat Off His Head [Video]
I'm pretty sure when you buy a gun, one of the first things they tell you is to never look down the barrel.
This guy is videotaping himself doing a little target practice (you know, because it impresses his lady type friends) when something goes wrong.

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