Inmates In Flint Suing Genesee County Over Unsafe Water
Two inmates are suing Genesee County over unsafe water in a local Flint jail. The inmates also claim that prisoners were given bottled water for the first 9 days of the county knowing about the water crisis, but since have been forced to drink the Flint water.
Inmate Fight Ends With A Taser [Video]
I am scared to death to ever step foot inside of a jail cell, and this video reinforces that.
What looks like a group of guys talking and sobering up, turns into an all out brawl with a sprinkle of tasering!
Prisoners Escape Attempt Set To Music [Video]
The security camera footage of this prisoners escape attempt is actually serious business.  The guards, prisoner and other inmates are all put in serious danger during the entire thing.  Somehow though, you forget all of that when the Benny Hill theme music is playing.  It just makes it all seem so …
DMX Released From Jail [Video]
DMX was finally released from an Arizona prison after serving seven months for a parole violation.  He was supposed to be released a week ago, but a failed drug test held him for a bit longer.
A camera man from AllHipHop.com caught up with DMX as he was walking out of prison.  Check out wha…
Should The Flint Jail Be Opened? [VIDEO]
ABC 12 ran a story about the vote coming up this Tuesday May 3rd for Flint residents to open the jail or keep it closed. Mayor Dayne Walling is making one last push to get the people of Flint to support the 2 million dollar tax increase and Vote Yes. Watch the video and decide what you will do next …
Da Brat Outta Jail And Talking About Nicki Minaj?
Because I'm so funkdafied (or however the hell you spell it) Da Brat just go out of jail a few days ago and is already talking about Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey...in a good way! Besides Brat being my all-time favorite female rapper, she also wears the same size I do!! See what she had to say a…
Lil Wayne’s The CarterIV Next Week?
I know you want the Carter IV but are you ready for it? Lil Wayne has been locked up and really hasn't put out a album in a minute, solo that is.  Could the Carter IV be ready next week?

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