Stripper Falls Off The Pole, Lands On Her Face [Video]
Pole dancing is not easy, and most of the time the girls that do it are very well trained. That definitely was not the case with the girl in the video below, but luckily she hit her head hard enough so that she probably won't even remember it.
Dad Yells At Pole Dancing Woman On The Train [Videos]
Pole Dancing has swept across America as a new fitness craze, but not everyone can afford a sturdy pole in their house.
This young woman obviously is just taking advantage of an opportunity to work on her fitness . . . and show her entire rear end.
Spending Time With The Kids – Ian’s Pic Of The Night
It's nice to see a mother spending time with her child while at work. I remember when I was growing up I never had the chance to go to work with my parents. Maybe she should have taken her to her day job, and not the nigh one?
100 Year Old Granny Gets A Stripper For Her Birthday [Video]
Grandma wants something very special for her birthday something like a stripper! Grandma is pushing 100 years and she still has some freak in her!
So what did her kids do? they got her one! Grandma meet Scorpion, a male stripper that's gonna get grandma ready for her diaper change baby (ewwwwwwww)..
Kanye And Wiz Almost Fight!?!
Kanye West Performs at Coachella 2011 (Part 2/2) from on Vimeo.
Kanye and Wiz Khalifa almost fight over Amber Rose's love.... Peep!