Keri Hilson Angers Twitter Fans With Amy Winehouse Picture
Keri Hilson has not made many of her 1 million plus twitter followers happy with her lately.  The controversy all revolves around a some comments and a picture that she posted shortly after the death of Amy Winehouse.
While I personally don't think Keri did or said anything wrong, most of the twitter…
Chris Brown ‘Real Hip Hop #3 And #4′ with 9th Wonder [Video]
Chris Brown has officially completed his trip down the comeback trail.  After recording the biggest audience ever on his Today Show concert performance, it will be hard to dispute that he's back.
With the future looking so good for Breezy, some people are wondering why he is trying to rap again.
This …
Waka Flocka Flame To Quit Rap?
Waka Flocka Flame has as many critics as he does record sales, and until yesterday he was just fine with that.
Waka went on a rant on his twitter page recently because of recent criticism, and what he tweeted next got his fans and critics alike talking.
Comedians React to Osama bin Laden’s Death on Twitter
We all know that Twitter has become a very important resource for worldwide breaking news, and the information that is shared has, in a lot of ways, helped to change the world.
Last night, thousands of people (if not millions) took to their Twitter accounts to report on and gather information about t…
Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Welcome Twins!
Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon welcomed a baby girl and boy today in LA. "Dem Babies" as MC calls them are finally out and healthy! No pictures of the newborns are out yet (you can make a lot of $$ off them) but check out some of celebrity tweets Congratulating the couple!
Antoine Dodson Busted For Weed
YouTube sensation and...well that's it, just YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson was busted for weed over the weekend when he was pulled over for speeding. You would think that Dodson would take his own advice and "Hide ya weed, hide ya drugs" but that obviously wasn't the case! We have the m…
The Morning After App! [VIDEO]
Yup there's an app for that! We all have had those crazy drunk nights where we post embarrassing status updates to Twitter or Facebook, now there's an App for that too! The Morning After App will delete and status updates/post within a set amount of time, in case you do get outta control a…
50 Cent & Ja Rule Beef On Twitter.
These two dudes don't know when to stop! Well I put all the blame on 50 cent. The guy loves to pick a fight, and Ja rule isn't backing down.
If you didn't know, Ja Rule got busted for tax evasion and was convicted. 50 Cent took it to Twitter to express his jubilation at …
Gilbert Gottfried Fired Over Tweets
TMZ reports that Gilbert Gottfried was fired from his voice-over work as the duck for Aflack, because of  his latest tweets about the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Would you expect anything else from this comedian?

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