One hit wonders, we all know them and some of them we just can't seem to get rid of. Every year we have an artist come out with a song that will last longer than the artists fame itself. Some of us may know every song on that CD, but the world only knows that one song from the radio. We have compiled some of the top one hit wonders in hip-hop from the '90s:

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    'Whoomp! (There It Is)'

    Tag Team

    'Whoomp! (There It Is) by Tag Team kicks us off, whether you were born in the '90s or lived the through them you know this song. Pretty sure its a staple song at weddings, always getting the whole wedding singing it word for word. The catchy tune earned tag team a #2 spot on the Billboard Top 100 the year it was released.

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    Paperboy's 'Ditty' hit the charts in '92 and helped Paperboy's album The Nine Yards reach gold status. Not too sure what he means by 'Ditty,' but if you do the ditty he might see if he wants you.

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    'Knockin' Boots'


    Introduced in the beginning by two hit wonder Tone Loc, Candyman's 'Knockin' Boots' is just one of those one hit wonders that shouldn't go away; catchy hook, great sample and all in all a great jam. Your parents might have knocked boots to this.

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    'Flava in Ya Ear'

    Craig Mack

    This was the joint back in the day! The beats tight, lyrics clean and Busta Rhymes makes an appearance. Too bad more of Craig Mack's tracks weren't this good. Back in the day of mix-tapes, true mix-tapes where you made a cassette with all your favs, this one was alway on there for sure and played 'til it was wore out.

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    'I Got Five On It'


    After all these years, we're pretty sure all Luniz could afford is five! We won't spell out the exact meaning of the song, pretty sure you'll be able to figure it out after listening to the first few measures. If you got five, I got five.

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    Onyx's 'Slam' was the true beginning of the DMX sound. Just listen you'll hear it, nope that's not DMX...Ja Rule you say? Nope. Although the group sure has the sound of DMX and Ja Rule they were a bit more of hip-hop's one hit wonder crew.

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    'Pop Goes the Weasel'

    3rd Bass

    Why would anyone in their right mind make a kids nursery rhyme into a hip-hop song? If you're 3rd Bass; it's to make a hit (one hit that is). The album itself was actually great, but 3rd Bass couldn't score another hit off of it. You may remember MC Serch from VH1's The (White) Rapper Show, he was the host trying to give wannabe rappers a chance to make it.

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    'Rump Shaker'


    Check baby, check baby, 1-2! All they want to do is a zoom zoom in your boom boom. That's a polite way of putting it. Wreckx-N-Effect had a #1 hit with this jam. Catchy hook and sexual innuendoes will take any song to the top. Don't forget the sax at the beginning, gives the song away within seconds.

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    'I Wish'


    I wish I would have had more than one hit. Skee-Lo actually put out 10 singles, but he was a one hit wonder with this. You know the words, don't deny it, when this song comes on you turn it up and sing all the words; making 'I Wish' one of the top hip-hop one hit wonders.

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    'Let Me Clear My Throat'

    DJ Kool

    We had to make this the number one spot on our top ten hip-hop one hit wonders. This song has been everywhere: Drumline, Hancock and other movies have used it. Beyonce sampled the song on tour and has been heard as entrance songs for multiple mixed martial artists. Just naming these few honors should say enough why it's in the number one spot.