There are a lot artists that has had a single blow up and their careers take off from there. There are probably more artists that has had that one single, and then fell off the map. I would like to pay tribute to my personal one hit wonders. In some shape form or fashion these artists and songs have changed the way I listen to music, and holds a certain place in my heart. So I hope everyone enjoys my personal one hit wonders and maybe your favorite song is on this list. Feel free to comment and add to the list.

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    'Watch for the Hook'

    Cool Breeze

    Coming from a very long line of talented rappers, it seemed like in the 90’s the Dungeon Family couldn’t do anything wrong. But in 1998 Cool Breeze dropped his very catchy single “Watch for the Hook” but apparently couldn’t land another hay-maker. But this bouncy beat and catchy single did the trick for the time and help solidify the legends called Dungeon Family.

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    It seemed J-Kwon had everything in this great single, a very catchy beat, beautiful women, a house party themed video, Jermaine Dupri and Nelly co-signing him. Even though the this song was a huge hit, sadly it was his only hit, and I’m pretty sure he is Nelly’s personal servant and wearing Apple Bottom Jeans

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    '2nd Round KO'


    Probably my 2nd favorite hip hop diss song of all time. This song and video had everything, great lyrics, a boxing theme, Mike Tyson, and to top it off , he was going at the greatest rapper of all time and gave him a run for his money. I actually thought he won this battle until LL dropped “Rip the Jacker”, then the label dropped Canibus, and then he joined the army. But at least among hip hop heads he is considered one of the most underrated greatest lyrical emcees of all time.

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    'Flava in ya ear remix'

    Craig Mack

    This is probably the #1 all time one hit wonder ever. The sad part is, among a line up full of legends Craig Mack actually held his own. After this single, Diddy chose to focus on unknown rapper, Notorious B.I.G. white Rapper Kain and R&B singer Mario Winans. This once proclaimed ‘Heavy Hitter of the Game’ is probably auditioning for a Proactive commercial right now as we speak.