If you're one to watch rap videos all day than we're sure you've noticed hip-hop's love for the high end fashion brand Gucci. Especially nowadays, when all you see is rappers rocking the latest Gucci embroidered items. The relationship between the Italian luxury brand and hip-hop music has never existed as prolifically as it does in today's rap era.

Considered as the fashion brand that gets name-dropped the most in hip-hop, Gucci has been referenced by just about everyone in the genre from the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Pusha T and more. Gucci has been the brand that all rappers want to talk about and be seen wearing. Even ATL's most famous trapper rapper, Gucci Mane, named himself after the Italian fashion brand—which he is known to wear frequently.

With hip-hop now becoming the go-to music genre for a lot of fashion industry professionals and clothing brands, this could mean we are getting closer to finally seeing the first rapper to do a Gucci collaboration capsule. And while Gucci is dominating the fashion game in hip-hop right now, XXL has rounded up the 10 best Gucci items available right now for you to cop at any select Gucci retailer.

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