If you want to hit the beach this weekend, make sure it is open.

Summertime in Michigan is the best. Whether you plan to hit the water on a boat or at the beach, we all enjoy some sun and relaxation. The only downside is when your favorite beach is closed or has a contamination advisory.

This summer is flying by so don't miss out on getting some relaxation with friends under the sun. It has been several years since I've gathered my friends to hit the beach and that is going to have to change soon.

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As you make your plans for the weekend, look ahead and make sure that the beach you want to go to is open. If it is not, you may want to check out one of the other 1,233 public beaches in Michigan. 

Michigan Beaches with closures or contamination advisories (as of 8/6/21)

  • Handsome Lake - Crossroads for Youth - Closed
  • Wixom Lake - Wixom Waters - Closed
  • Pontiac Lake - Pontiac Recreation Area - Closed
  • Crooked Lake - Independence Oaks County Park - Closed
  • Lake Callis - Lake Callis Davison - Closed
  • Lake Isabella - Essex Road - Contamination Advisory
  • Lake St. Clair - St. Clair Shores Memorial Park Beach - Contamination Advisory
  • Kent Lake - Kensington - Maple Beach - Closed
  • Rowe Lake - Jacksina Subdivision - Closed
  • Crystal Lake - Beulah Beach - Contamination Advisory

The weather doesn't look too bad this weekend either. We will see 82 degrees today, Saturday will be 85 with a chance of thunderstorms, and Sunday will be 90 degrees. Hit the beach, stay cool, and relax.

To keep up to date on beach closures, click here for the Michigan BeachGuard System.

Source: Michigan BeachGuard System

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