Max is only 11 years old, but his recent act of kindness can teach a lesson to all of us.  Max donated ten dollars in change that he collected anonymously to his local police department.

He didn't tell his parents about it, he just decided that he would collect the money and ride his bike to the police station to drop it off.

The police were amazed by the boys actions, but they had no idea who he was.  When they did finally track him down through a Facebook post thanking him, they found out his real motivations.

Max said that he donated to honor his Grandfather, who was killed in the line of duty before he was born.

Can we all just take a minute to think about what this kid did?  Not just the fact that he donated the money, but that nobody told him to do it.  Nobody helped him either!  He got himself there and back, and only took the recognition for it after the police started searching for him.

Selfless acts of kindness.  Thank you Max for showing us that they still do exist.