Some Flint schools will be undergoing major renovations this summer, but Southwestern is not one of them.

The $12.9 Million renovations for the district will impact 10 buildings. Southwestern High School and Durant Tuuri Mott are not on the list due to SWA getting renovations last year and DTM getting a separate grant this year.

The money will be focused on improving the heating, cooling, lighting, air quality, water quality, energy usage and other building improvements.

Flint Schools Superintendent, Derrick Lopez sent out a press release talking about the goal of the renovations.

This investment is the first step toward achieving an improved physical environment—an essential element in making our students available to learn

You can see a complete list of the renovations, including which buildings will be worked on here.

Flint Schools are still deep in the recovery process, but these building renovations are definitely a step in the right direction. I worry about the amount of money that is being financed, but if it is put in the right place it should pay off.

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