An Amazon delivery driver is facing felony charges after package theft.

A 21-year-old Amazon delivery driver from Kentwood was arraigned last week on some pretty serious charges. Lawrence Edward Clay, Jr., was allegedly a part of a plan to help another man steal the delivery van and the packages in it. The van theft was then reported to be a carjacking.

The alleged carjacking of the Amazon delivery van was reported to authorities on Monday, June 28th around 12:50 pm.  Clay told police that the carjacking took place during a delivery in Rockford and stated that he saw a gun and then handed the robber the keys to the van, which contained over $9,000 in packages.

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After the carjacking, police then tracked the van using GPS and authorities identified a co-conspirator inside the van. The co-conspirator was Demarion Brewster who fled on foot and was arrested later near a house in Wyoming, MI.

Clay was brought to the location where Brewster was arrested, but could not confirm that Brewster was the suspect. During questioning on July 2nd, authorities were eventually able to figure out that Clay knew Brewster as "Shred" and was aware of the plan where Brewster and others talked about "taking a van."

Clay has been charged with auto theft, larceny less than $20,000, conspiracy to commit larceny, and lying to a police officer and was issued a $40,000 bond. Brewster picked up the same charges with the exception of the charge of lying to the police. To learn more about the incident, click here. 

Source: MLive

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