Ever wonder where the tallest buildings in Michigan are? We've got you covered.

For the most part, if you don't live in or near a large city, you typically don't even think about huge buildings. Most of us don't even realize how small the buildings that we see every day really are compared to some in other parts of the state.

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One of my favorite parts of traveling is driving through the big cities across the country and checking out the buildings and the skylines. Every time I go to Chicago I am reminded of just how massive that city is when it comes to buildings. The Willis Tower in Chicago is almost double the height of the tallest building in Michigan.

Nonetheless, I still really enjoy the architecture in Detroit. What makes it more impressive is that nine out of the 25 tallest buildings in Michigan were built in the 1920s. Those buildings are still standing tall almost 100 years later.

The shortest building on the list below, coming in at #25 is the Greektown Casino Hotel. That building was built in 2009 and is 348 feet tall. To put that in perspective, for those that live in Genesee County, the tallest building in Flint is the Mott Foundation Building, which stands 226 feet tall. The Genesee Towers was the tallest building in Flint at 250 feet (326 feet with the antenna spire) before being demolished in 2013.


How many of the tallest 25 buildings in Michigan listed below have you been to? I've seen most of them, but haven't stepped foot inside barely any of them.

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